Faculty and administrators bid farewell

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
James G. Raschka

Professor of C.A.D. and PhysicsMS in Business Economics;

BS Aeronautical Engineering

19 years

James G. Raschka
Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” And no one seems to fit this quote more than Jim Raschka.

Raschka has taught at DCCC for the past 19 years as a computer aided design and physics professor. He recalled many positive experiences at the college.

“I have always enjoyed teaching and helping others,” Raschka said. Students nearby agreed and said that Raschka was one of the friendliest, most accommodating and humorous professors they have had at DCCC.

“My favorite memory would have to be when my students come back to say I was key to their success,” Raschka recalled. “You also have to remember that mostly we are teaching kids who were born after 1994.”

Raschka won a number of awards as a marksman on the Air Force rifle team. He built his own version of a program called C.A.D., computer aided design, for DCCC. C.A.D. is the use of a computer system to assist in creating or modifying a design. Raschka has also helped teach the C.A.D. program at Widner University.

When Raschka retires this spring, he is looking forward to going to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to spend more time with his wife and seven grandchildren.


By Maryleigh Sharp

Special to The Communitarian


Director of Student Employment Services and Co-opMasters in Education with a concentration in

Secondary Counseling

14 years

Jane Lang

“It’s been challenging but rewarding,” said Jane Lang, director of Student Employment and Services and Co-op. For the past 14 years, Lang has assisted students and graduates seeking employment, internships and co-ops in line with their major.

While working with employers and employees, Lang has also overseen all of the college’s workshops and events focused on providing the necessary skills for success in the workforce.

Born in Point Pleasant N.J., Lang has lived in Havertown, Pa. for 35 years.

After finishing graduate school, Lang took a break to start a family and raise two daughters before eventually becoming Career Services Director at Rosemont College.

But Lang said she needed a change, and working in a community college environment seemed the perfect fit.

“I always wanted to work at DCCC,” Lang said, adding that she continues to be impressed by the students who come through her office.

Lang has fond memories of helping journalism and graphic design students get internships at Natural Lands Trust, not far from the Marple campus. “The students learned a lot there and in some cases were kept on in part-time positions,” Lang recalled. “It was an excellent start for their careers.”

Lang said a “very rewarding” part of her job was when students told Lang they learned something by coming to see her, such as resume writing or interviewing skills.

After she leaves DCCC in mid-summer, Lang said she plans to enjoy life, grandchildren, and the “freedom of retirement.”

“All in all, it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to work at Delaware County Community College,” Lang said.


By Sean Goddess

Special to The Communitarian



Lana deRuyterDean, Allied Health,

Emergency Services and Nursing

Ph.D. Nursing Education

MSN, Nursing Education

BSN, Nursing

16 years

“Fair,” “compassionate,” “understanding,” and “not intimidating” are just a few of the words that come to mind when students and colleagues are asked to describe Lana deRuyter. Another word to describe her would be “pioneer,” as deRuyter was one of the first professors to teach at the Chester County Hospital Campus of DCCC’s nursing program in 1998.

“When the hospital closed, they contacted DCCC to see if the college would bring the nursing program to the hospital,” deRuyter said. “I taught the first nursing program out of the Chester County Hospital. In 1999, I moved to the Marple campus where I have taught and worked in a variety of positions ever since.”

Once at the Marple campus, deRuyter worked as tenured faculty and the program coordinator of the Allied Health, Emergency Services and Nursing department She was hired as dean in 2005.

deRuyter said her most influential mentor has been DCCC provost Dr. Virginia Carter. “She was probably one of the best bosses I ever had in the past 40 years,” deRuyter recalled. “She was very supportive, she listens to me and she was wonderful in helping me [assume] my role.”

As deRuyter prepares to leave DCCC, she will always remember the students she was able to work with. “I admire the students who work hard to achieve their goals,” deRuyter said.


By Angel Young

Special to The Communitarian





Dean, Communications, Arts and HumanitiesDoctor of Philosophy, English

7 years

Clay Railey

Washington D.C., Phoenixville, St. Louis, Berkeley, and Nashville are just a few cities Clay Railey has traveled to before becoming the dean of Communications, Arts and Humanities at DCCC.

By following in the footsteps of the legendary American rock-band, Grateful Dead, Railey says he experienced this cultural phenomenon at more than 15 concerts.

According to Railey, everything is a learning experience, even his upcoming position as provost for Bucks County Community College. A natural philologist who loves to study the language of literature and how it develops, Railey says he has, “more degrees than a thermometer.”

While dean of CAH, Railey has rejuvenated the art gallery and the music program. In fact, one of his favorite memories is when last December the musician Rick Bell was invited to the college to perform students’ original pieces. At the concert, Railey was very moved when he noticed a student enraptured by the sound of her music being played to its full potential. As the performance concluded, she asked Bell, “Can you play my piece again?”

Creating natural and genuine emotional responses from students is what Railey is most proud of because he believes education is more enlightening when it is a passionate feat, for “art distinguishes us as humans.”


Railey says he is committed to incorporating this philosophy at Bucks County Community College, where his goals are “vibrant art success” and making sure every student gets “the finest education.”

By Shawna Daly

Special to The Communitarian

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