Win over Luzerne snaps DCCC’s losing streak

Monday, May 5, 2014


By Christopher Linvill


The Phantoms baseball team had their first win of the season April 3 against Luzerne County Community College. A great offensive performance kept them on top of a high scoring game, winning 10 – 7 over the Trailblazers.

Pitcher Tyler Thomson had a good game through seven innings for the Phantoms, only letting up three runs through seven before he started to struggle in the eighth. He helped his cause offensively by hitting a two-run homerun in the bottom of the first inning to get ahead of the Trailblazers by three runs.

Trailblazers’ Zach Martz pitched six innings and struggled against the Phantoms offense throughout the game, missing the strike zone and hitting three batters.

Thomson got the win but was taken out in the ninth inning. Martz got the loss for the Trailblazers and came out in the seventh inning.

Both teams had a great day at the plate with 12 hits for the Trailblazers and 10 hits for the Phantoms.

The Phantoms have struggled this season, but the blame should not be on their offense, Phantoms Coach Paul Motta.

“Our problem isn’t defense or hitting,” Motta added. “It is our pitchers. We are carrying four pitchers and it is hard to compete at this caliber with this amount of pitchers.”

Motta told his pitchers that they would be pitching a lot of innings due to losing four pitchers since the fall.

“[Thomson] said he wanted to complete the game, but I wanted to take him out,” said Motta about Thomson going so late in the game.

The Phantoms have not had the best record this season, but Motta feels they still can get better next season with the acquisition of some more pitchers. “We have never been in this position before,” Motta said about the pitchers.


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